TeakTrak Services

TeakTrak supports those who distribute free products such as flyers, shoppers and pennysavers to homes. It provides detailed maps of the distribution runs so that you can be assured that the designated area was properly and completely covered. TeakTrak supports simple tracking but it also contains features that support the most complex distribution requirements with automated scheduling of drivers based on publication schedules and an accounting feature for calculating driver payments. It supports sharing maps with advertisers to assure them of complete distribution of their advertising.

Some users that will benefit from the TeakTrak service are those that are involved in free magazine delivery, flyer distribution, pennysaver (or penny-saver) distribution and shopper distribution. They benefit because TeakTrak uses gps location tracking to follow the route traveled by the person doing the distribution.

After the area has been covered, a map is available that shows every street traveled and the time when the advertising material or free magazine was delivered. The system uses either an iPhone app or an Android app that can be downloaded (for free) from the App Store or Play Store. The system supports emailing a map of the distribution area to an advertiser as a way to assure that advertiser that its advertisement received excellent coverage.

More sophisticated features are available if they are needed. The system will keep track of the activities of each of a number of drivers and prepare the payment totals based on each driver's activities. Also, for companies that distribute several different publications, the system will let you look at maps for distribution of each publication separately. If you like, you can call up a map of an individual driver or you can call up a map of all drivers that distributed a single issue of a publication. If you are distributing a regularly scheduled publication like a weekly or bi-weekly magazine, the system will automatically schedule the routes for each driver that distributes that magazine. The idea of the TeakTrak system is to provide a record of distribution of a publication as proof that the distribution was done properly and completely.

When you are distributing free product to a neighborhood, often there are a few residents that do not want those materials delivered. Or, they may be okay with receiving the product but may want delivery suspended for a period when they are away. TeakTrak supports alerting the driver by showing a red icon on the map in the app as the driver approaches that house. The TeakTrak app lets the driver review the path (the "Overview" feature) that was traveled to be sure that no streets were missed. Sometimes a resident counts on receiving a regularly-scheduled publication and TeakTrak supports advising the driver to be sure not to skip that house by showing a green icon as the driver approaches that house and by showing that green icon on the "Overview" map.

The basic method used to provide assurance of good coverage is gps tracking that produces a map of the area covered. But another "proof of delivery" feature is included as well and that is a photograph. As the driver travels the route, he or she can take a photograph at key locations and, when one views the map of the run, an icon will appear wherever a photograph was taken. By clicking on that photo icon, you can see the photograph taken at that location. As you can see, adding this capability to your distribution service will be a great marketing feature because it will let you assure advertisers that they can check on their own to be sure that they are actually getting the distribution that they are paying for.